Planning On Table

It will be whatever we want to make it.

Get ready for backyard parties and frisbee festivals, the sharing of family recipes and the sharing of ideas. Businesses will move in, and they won’t be your standard strip mall, work-lunch affair. They’ll exist because they fit the community’s idea of home. They’ll watch your pets while you’re out of town. They’ll have open mic nights. And pint nights. And over time, it will become more than a great neighborhood in Austin. It will prosper in its own right.


Get out there and make something. Maybe it’s small. Maybe it gets big. What matters is what you started.

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Original Austinight

Goodnight will shape and be shaped by Austin.

It will be a place where open space, quality design, and thoughtful community planning foster interaction. It will feel a lot like Austin but remain unique in its own right.

Notably, Goodnight is a community of giving. Committed to enhancing the quality of life for the next generation of Austinites, Goodnight has a dedicated space within the community for a new school. We have also established a non-profit foundation to provide additional educational resources and opportunities for all Goodnight residents of all classes, colors and creeds.

Additionally, the newly-established Park District will benefit Onion Creek Metropolitan Park. Through a deductible, district tax, we will be able to maintain a portion of the park and provide select improvements and activities for Goodnight residents and the people of Austin.

Goodnight is designed to create a diverse community while also promoting a better lifestyle. Here’s to tomorrow and the future of southeast Austin.

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The Goodnight Team is transforming 700 acres of former Texas ranch land in Southeast Austin. Dig deeper into our story and learn about the foundation of Goodnight.

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Okay, here's the plan...

We're just getting started.

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Philosophy & New Urbanism

There’s a reason behind every detail at Goodnight. Learn more about our philosophy and how it shaped the Goodnight community.

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