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Goodnight Ranch Educational Impact Fund

Accepting applications starting September 1, 2024

Funding Priorities

Grant Application Guidelines

Grant Procedures

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Goodnight Ranch EIF


Established by the residents of Goodnight Ranch in 2022, the Goodnight Ranch Educational Impact Fund creates opportunities to make Goodnight Ranch a better place to live. The Fund supports educational opportunities that promote health, wellness, and lifelong learning for its residents.

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With funding priorities that emphasize educational opportunities and lifelong learning, the Goodnight Ranch Educational Impact Fund aims to distribute $50,000 per year in grants for the public benefit of the residents of Goodnight Ranch.

Funding Priorities 

Fields of Interest
Educational Opportunities can be broken into the following categories or can be inclusive of multiple categories:

Lifelong Learning

The Goodnight Ranch Educational Impact Fund aims to provide meaningful opportunities for all residents to succeed in life. As such, the Goodnight Ranch Educational Impact Fund offers organizations dedicated to life-long, multigenerational, and adult educational opportunities the chance to apply.

Early Childhood Education

The Goodnight Ranch Educational Impact Fund is committed to ensuring its youngest residents are ready to succeed in kindergarten. The Goodnight Ranch Educational Impact Fund aims to create a future for young residents who are healthy, happy, and ready to succeed in school and life. The fund accepts applications for innovative early childhood education programs dedicated to success by six.

Youth Enrichment (K through 12)

The Goodnight Ranch Educational Impact Fund is dedicated to providing comprehensive educational experiences that challenge and inspire young residents of all ages throughout their educational journey. The Goodnight Ranch Educational Impact Fund aims to create a long-term pipeline of innovative thinkers that solve some of Austin’s most pressing problems. The fund accepts applications for youth enrichment programs with particular emphasis on STEM education and/or service learning.

College Readiness & Mentoring

The Goodnight Ranch Educational Impact Fund is committed to ensuring its high school residents have access to quality college and career preparation programs as well as near-peer mentoring services. The US Department of Education states that young people with access to college readiness and mentoring programs are 2.5 times more likely to succeed in college than their unsupported peers. The fund accepts applications for innovative programs that prepare teen residents for college and career and/or provides mentoring services.

Grant Application Guidelines 

The Goodnight Ranch Educational Impact Fund meets one time per year, usually in November, to consider grant requests. Completed grant requests must be received no later than October 31st (for the November meeting). If the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday, then the deadline date shall be the last working day prior to the due date.

Geographical Restriction:
Goodnight Ranch Residents

Applications Open: 
September 1, 2024

Application Deadline: October 31st, 2024
Late applications will not be reviewed or retained.

Grant requests must be submitted via email to

Notification Dates:

Applicants will be notified in writing of the acceptance or rejection of their request by December 15.

Organizations Not Eligible for Support:

- Organizations that do not serve Goodnight Ranch residents
- Individuals
- Government agencies
- Churches, for religion-based programs
- Fraternal and political organizations
- Athletic institutions

Grantee Evaluation – Final Report:

After a grant is made, the grantee organization is required to complete and submit a final report of grant expenditures with financial and programmatic information. Future grant requests will not be considered if reports on previous grants are not completed.

Questions regarding applications and grants will be answered Monday through Friday. Please email

Grant Application Procedures 

To request or submit forms please email

When submitting your application/request, please provide the following information listed below in the order presented:

1. List of Trustees or Directors and Corporate Officers. Please include board of director titles, profession, ethnicity, gender, city, and state.

2. All requests for funding to support the project: List all entities asked to give financial support to the proposed project. Please include their responses to date and dollar amounts committed.

3. A most recent copy of the 501(c) (3) Tax-determination letter or accreditation if applicable (add or accreditation if applicable)

4. Current audited financial report: if you cannot furnish an audited statement then you must furnish a financial report signed by an officer of your organization certifying and attesting that the statement is a full and complete statement of your financial condition.

5. Most recent IRS Informational Return Form 990, if applicable

6. If your organization does not have both of the above-stated financial documents, submit the document you have and also submit a Balance Sheet along with an Income Statement for the most recently completed fiscal year.

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For Application Consideration - Make Certain That

  1. You have enclosed all information requested
  2. Your operating budget covers a full fiscal year
  3. You have NOT enclosed bulky materials, magazines, brochures, binders, folders, letters of recommendation, or any other materials not requested in the Grant Application Guidelines
  4. Please send as few attachments as possible for your application (scanning/saving multiple documents into one saved PDF is fine) to
  5. Please use the following naming convention for each file: Your Organization Name _ File Description _ Date of Submission

Questions regarding applications and grants will be answered Monday through Friday. Please email