Meet Shabana & Rohit

Living in Goodnight Ranch since 2019, Shabana and her husband, who own their company DREAMWALA, were drawn to Goodnight Ranch because it was surrounded by nature. With Onion Creek Metro Park in the community’s backyard, they love to go on neighborhood walks, meditate by the creek, and bike ride the neighborhood's trail system.

AHA 9735

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Living in the duplexes across the pond, Shabana loves that her Goodnight home has a beautiful view of the park and pond with no structure to block them which she can enjoy while working from home. When looking for their next home, Shabana was looking for a place that had shared spaces that inspire connection and foster community. When she learned that Goodnight Ranch was one of the last attainable areas in Austin, she and her husband jumped at the chance to live in the area. When they arrived at Goodnight Ranch and saw how diverse the neighborhood was and how beautiful the Duplex looked they knew this would be their next home.

Shabana and Rohit love how community-oriented Goodnight Ranch is. Things like residents sharing their favorite lawn guy, hairstylist, restaurants to the virtual community book club they recently joined during quarantine make Goodnight Ranch a special place to live.



Shabana and her husband Rohit own DREAMWALA - which means “People of Dreams” (a Hindu / English mashup). The company saves small businesses' dreams and helps those who need reconstructing and debt mediation who don’t want to deal with bankruptcy. Through their professional and personal experiences, Shabana and Rohit have come to share the core values of top-notch service. This includes unwavering integrity and relationships built on authentic and lasting connections, financially sound decision-making, and urgent and efficient action.