Meet Samantha

In becoming an Austinite, Samantha discovered her love for spending time outdoors. That inspired her move to Goodnight Ranch, where she lives in a duplex with her fiance, Taylor. The couple loves the new construction of their home, as well as the added privacy they receive from not having neighbors on both sides of their unit.

Beyond the walls of their home, Samantha really values the intention placed in the community itself, from the walkability of sidewalks and trails to the connectivity of the parks and green spaces. Through these outdoor spaces, Samantha has discovered a very social neighborhood, full of friendly, inviting, and supportive neighbors. Together they’ve enjoyed movie nights on the projector, food trucks, and socially-distanced gatherings.

Samantha and Taylor are looking to move to a single-family home in the community in the next year, and for now, they’re continuing to enjoy life at Goodnight Ranch.

AHA 2829

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