Meet The Phillips Family

Since 2016, Lance, his wife, and 5 children have been baking their 15-year-old recipes for their business, Teal House Coffee & Bakery. Starting out of their home, Lance and his family sold their popular cinnamon rolls to neighbors with the goal of making enough money for a family trip to Disney World. Once they hit that milestone, they decided to turn what they were doing into a family-run business. Affordability, tight-knit community, and having a house big enough for the family of 7 inspired them to move to Goodnight Ranch in 2018.

One of the Phillips' favorite part of Goodnight Ranch is the neighborhood's annual Festival of Good!

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Teal House

About Teal House Coffee & Bakery

Teal House Coffee & Bakery was originally founded by the Phillips family in a teal house as a family-operated cottage business selling cinnamon rolls and baked apple pies to neighbors for Father's Day 2016. Since 2016, the Teal House menu has expanded to include several other baked goods along with specialty coffee available in a food truck right outside Goodnight Ranch so Southeast Austin residents can conveniently pick up their breakfast, baked goods, and coffee on their daily commutes. Teal House Bakery and Food Truck is located next to Goodnight Ranch on East Slaughter Lane and open Monday - Saturday 7:30 am - 1 pm.