Meet Kimberly, Coach & Family

Kimberly and Coach are making the most of life at Goodnight Ranch. Since moving to the community in April, they’ve taken advantage of their new location and living space. The couple’s son, Jack, is enjoying all the amenities and trails the neighborhood has to offer. And the family has used the extra space in their new home to welcome Kimberly’s mother, Peggie, into the household.

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Kimberly and Coach have also been making the most of their entrepreneurial skills. As business owners and partners, they’re on a mission to recharge, retool, and rehumanize human leadership through their self-named podcast. They appreciate that their new home has space to house their business studio, too.

Despite moving to Goodnight Ranch in socially distanced times, the family already feels connected to the community, sharing, “We’ve loved meeting neighbors, masked and distanced, at the food trucks our social committee has been bringing in over at the amenity center. It’ll be really fun to see what everyone actually looks like without the masks!”