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The newest, new urbanist community.

When you live in a 700-acre, mixed-use community, you’re ready for just about anything. Start up a Hungry, Hungry Hippo tournament at the local café. Teach your dog new tricks at the park. We put thought into every possibility so that Goodnight could foster connectivity while still being a safe place for families to spend time outdoors.

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Experience a real community.

New urbanism promotes dynamic experiences through thoughtful planning and quality home design. Built on this philosophy, Goodnight’s master-plan accommodates residential and commercial property as well as parkland and open space. The community will offer a range of diverse housing types, connected by walkable sidewalks, narrow streets, and wide bike lanes. Residences and shops will be closer together while keeping with the traditional neighborhood structure.

Goodnight will be a vibrant, walkable, tree-lined hub. Narrow streets will keep traffic at a slower speed and make the area pedestrian-friendly. Trees will line the streets, forming a barrier between automobiles and pedestrians, and keeping street noise to a minimum. All homes will be alley-loaded with front porches and wide sidewalks—everything you need to connect with the community.

It’s a true live-work-play-learn community.