Kid Lounging


Brighten young minds at the best schools in Austin.

With the reputable Blazier Elementary School in our neighborhood, Goodnight kids will be set for success. A TEA five-star school, Blazier has met the 2015 Accountability Standard and has earned all five TEA distinctions. As a part of Goodnight’s overall vision, there are also plans for another AISD school within the community.

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Giving back to education.

Like most Austinites, we want to give back to our community and our city. Goodnight plans to provide services to enhance the education opportunities offered for residents through a community enhancement fee managed under board direction.

Here’s a peek at the education initiatives we’ve got in mind. See something that you like? Wish other things were being considered? Join us in the planning process.

  • Primary and adult formal or informal education programs.

  • Training and orientation programs.

  • Coordinated activities, recreational and social programs (e.g., book clubs, hikes, cooking classes, scavenger hunts, etc.).

  • Environmental programs (e.g., community-wide recycling, community gardens).

  • Promotional and public relations activities on behalf of the community.

  • Cultural, artistic, environmental and wellness programs.

  • Community services for the benefit of the community’s residents (e.g., caretaker services, child care, personal shopping services, etc.).

  • Developing, hosting or maintaining community internet or intranet sites.

  • Learning centers and computer centers designed to supplement home offices.

  • Community-wide audio and video technology.

  • Charter clubs and other volunteer organizations and activities.